systems development

Development and Programming

  • Bespoke console and web applications using .NET, Visual Basic, C#, C++, AutoIT, Visual Studio
  • Website construction using HTML, Flash, PHP, Javascript, CSS and third party tools such as Telerik
  • General automation scripting using Scripting: VBS, BAT and PowerShell.

Databases and Reporting

  • Database design and querying using scripts and stored procedures in MS SQL, MySQL and MS Access
  • Integration with analysis and reporting tools such as Report Manager and Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Integration with Access and Excel Analysis tools

Pricing - subject to requirements

They have a good attention to detail and have always been able to deliver on time, even with some very short deadlines.

Millfield (Private School) - Street, Somerset

  • Millfield School approached WCL with a requirement for an application developer to work 3 days a week supporting over 20 in house stand alone and web facing applications.
  • The developer was required to familiarise, enhance and maintain existing .NET systems using, C# and Visual Basic as well as develop a variety of new applications as additional requirements arose from the school as a whole.
  • In addition the developer was responsible for producing reports that queried the internal ISAMS database to output various information about the school such as pupil attendance, grade history, sport allocations and school events.
  • Reporting tools were used to integrate and link the web applications to the back end database enabling users to filter and search for their required output.
  • Once implemented, these systems have helped to make staff more efficient, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and giving fast and simple access to reports detailing student and school information.
forward systems development case study
back systems development case study