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White Consultancy combines sector-leading knowledge and skills with a friendly, honest and flexible approach. We specialise in three key areas: IT support, systems development and training, offering a tailored, professional and personable service.

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Our aim is to ensure that every client is 100% satisfied with all aspects of our service so that we can build an excellent long-term relationship and an on-going understanding of our clients' needs. We promote the development of sustainable IT solutions rather than "fire fighting", to ensure reliable systems, whilst keeping costs down. If you already have in-house IT support we would delight in the opportunity to work along side them, as there is always something we can offer and always something we can learn.

Affordable pricing from £55 an hour.

White Consultancy was founded in 2003, our clients include: Advantage, BP, Cadburys, Castrol, Green & Blacks, Elim Connect Centre, IBM, KiddiMotto, Millfield School, Schweppes, Transport for London and Unilever.

"White Consultancy have always given the most professional of service, responding very quickly to any request or service need. WCL are clearly very knowledgeable and have offered great advice to help improve our IT needs and reduce costs. Not only was our consultant an expert in his field, he was also a jolly nice chap! "

Simon Booth, Director (Kiddimoto)

"They are hard working, diligent and have a vast amount of knowledge in all areas of IT. They continually provided solutions to problems, and very rarely needed any direction from myself. Overall, White Consultancy have an ability to communicate at all levels and I would recommend them for any IT project."

Suki Mann, Senior Project Manager (IBM)

"WCL was approached to provide in-house training for Access, Excel and PowerPoint. They were able to adapt the training to suit our work needs, both individually and as a group. Their approach has been very friendly, flexible and clear, and we found WCL to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and helpful in everything they have done for us."

Julia Pascu, Director UK Operations (Advantage)

"WCL are always friendly and approachable, complimented by great communication and listening skills. They are able to deliver quality work even against tough time lines, with a great self-starting / can-do approach. It is always a great pleasure to work with White Consultancy and they have helped me to develop a new ratio between delivery and costs."

Michael Hausberg, Head of Global End-User Services (BP)

what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying